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Canadian Air Transport Security Authority takes delivery of nine new COBUS MSU

CATSA – the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority takes delivery of nine (9) new COBUS MSU – Mobile Screening Units. These vehicles were built on modified COBUS 3000 airport bus chassis and equipped with all of the normal passenger screening equipment – Walk Through Metal Detectors, baggage X-Ray machines, search wands and also incorporated a privacy booth for more detailed inspection of passengers. An explosive trace detection unit is also installed as are numerous closed-circuit TV cameras and other devices designed to isolate suspicious persons of interest.

CATSA initially deployed the MSU vehicles around Vancouver, B.C., as an added layer of security surrounding the Winter Olympic games which were held there. Subsequently Transport Canada plans to have CATSA deploy these unique vehicles at many of the major airports around Canada where they will be used to provide screening services for groups, sports teams, VIPs, and travelers transitioning from private aircraft to airline services.

In addition the COBUS MSU can be used anywhere that screening is required: non-passengers at an airport such as ground staff, contractors’ personnel, catering, loading, cleaning and maintenance staff. The Mobile Screening Unit, since it is totally mobile and self-sufficient, can be driven to sports stadiums, political rallies, train and bus stations, ship terminals – in fact anywhere that there is a desire to conduct screening of people.

The COBUS MSU – performs truly random screening capability of anyone, anything, anywhere and at any time.

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