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Can you provide screening of anyone, anywhere and at any time?

There is ONE easy solution: the COBUS MSU

COBUS MSU - the range of missions on modern airports

Screening of last minute passengers on their way from one plane to the other
Regular inspection of all service crews, e.g. cleaning personnel and mechanics
Screening of flight and ground crews just before entering the plane
Mobile screening of baggage in front of the plane
Additional/second screening of passengers and hand luggage in front of the plane
Screening of vehicles entering the airport passenger or freight
Screening of private groups, sports teams, VIP passengers in fact anyone requiring special and/or additional handling

COBUS MSU has the same quality characteristics as the well-known COBUS 3000 airport bus

Low floor Mercedes Benz chassis providing 240 sq. ft. of floor space (absolutely no steps inside)
Heating and air conditioning included
Integrated power supply
Aluminum body for a lifetime of 25 years
Kneeling system and wide passenger doors for comfortable and safe embarking and disembarking

COBUS MSU - the layout

COBUS MSU the layout:

High performance walk-through metal detector
X-ray inspection system
Cabin for private search
CCTV-control and a workplace with monitor and digital video-recorder
Workplace for passenger and baggage inspection
Table for luggage inspection
Full body screening equipment available