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COBUS News 2009

COBUS’ next Topmodel!

The economical and technical advantages of the COBUS are adequately well known at the leading airports. More than 2600 units worldwide are in daily operation for 24 hours.
So, it happened to the long-time-experience CONTRAC Cobus Industries partner in Africa, ABS Aérobus du Senegal, to question, how the passenger service for the new operation ADGE Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, could be made even more appealing.
The design of the COBUS 2700-S (see picture) only comes to the bottom line that ADGE was going to compete at “COBUS next topmodel”! Congratulations, certainly one of the best looking COBUS worldwide!

And soon, there are more “beauties” of the ABS operations to come!

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