COBUS Industries LP
40 Robinwood Road
Trumbull, CT 06611

Telephone: 203 380 9575
Facsimile: 203 375 0168


In 1978 the very first COBUS went into service at Zurich International Airport

… and today, this same bus still transports many travelers across the airport apron. Its’ life time of over 25 years while being in constant daily service is proof of the reliability of COBUS! Its’ extraordinary design concept has made the COBUS the world market leader in a very short time. Nowadays they can be seen at nearly every airport worldwide. The flagship model, the COBUS 3000 is supplemented by the COBUS 2700 and 2700S models. With just these three models of modestly differing specifications the COBUS can accommodate every customer’s special wish. Through continual development we can present the fourth generation of the COBUS.

COBUS Industries LP was founded in the year 2000, with the objective of introducing the COBUS fleet of airport buses to airlines and airports in North America. Starting with one existing client, Los Angeles World Airports, the company has grown over the last decade successfully introducing the COBUS line to airports and airlines all across the continent in Canada and The United States of America. The executives of COBUS Industries believe strongly in the personal touch with their existing and potential clients. Meeting with them, explaining how these extraordinary people-moving vehicles can make positive contributions to bottom lines while solving problems at airports and other venues, demonstrating the capabilities of the product by going so far as to transport a new COBUS to the potential site – all of these activities have resulted in more than 125 vehicles being placed at airports all around North America.