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We move people

Airplanes can earn money only when they are actually in the air. That’s why airlines try to reduce their aircraft ground times to a minimum and airports try to move their passengers either to the departure gate or, after landing, from the plane to the baggage claim area as quickly as possible. Additionally, the processing capacity of most terminals is limited. Therefore, expanding airports world wide have developed the concept of OffGate Aircraft Parking. It’s our aim to guarantee the most economical method of passenger movement to these remote aircraft parking positions with their associated brief turn-arounds with the COBUS. The result is that the shortest possible aircraft ground times are achieved and the airports’ facilities are used to maximum, optimizing their capacities.

The COBUS Airport People Moving Bus was designed specifically to move large groups of airline passengers over relatively short distances. With this objective in mind, certain unique features were incorporated into the design of the vehicle: extra large passenger doors permitting two people to pass through the doors at the same time; multiple sets of doors providing rapid unloading and loading; doors on both sides of the bus eliminating extra maneuvering by the driver to always arrive at the “curb side” of the bus; a kneeling feature bringing the step-in height to only eleven inches; an exhaust system that automatically diverts the engine exhaust to the opposite side of the bus from the open passenger doors; and many other special features.


Press release April 2014

COBUS Industries LP continues to supply more COBUS AIRPORT PEOPLE MOVING BUSES at some of America’s leading airports.

COBUS in Washington, DC March 2014

US Airways Upgrades Airside Bus Fleet at Reagan National

Cobus Chatter, Summer 2013

Cobus Chatter is published infrequently for the operators, owners and friends of the COBUS fleet in North America.

Press release January 2013

COBUS Industries, LP is pleased to announce that the fleet of COBUS AIRPORT PEOPLE MOVING BUSES in North America has recently increased.

COBUS 3000 in North America

At PHL (Philadelphia International Airport) and YVR (Vancouver International Airport) three COBUS 3000 are now available for transferring passengers between the terminal.

First COBUS 3000 in Barbados!

Since April 2007 Grantley Adams International Airport in Christ Church is offering an exclusive passenger service.

Build your own COBUS

Here you will find true-to-detailed paper models of COBUS 3000 and 2700S for downloading.