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Cobus 2400 executive editions

The perfect start

The EXECUTIVE Edition of the COBUS fulfils the special requirements of heads of state, dignitaries, or VIP’s. Custom created interior equipment with consideration to the individual customers’ wishes is part of the EXECUTIVE Edition concept.

Both the COBUS BUSINESS and EXECUTIVE Editions are designed and built to order – incorporating the features and equipment deemed desired and required by the airport or airline owner.


The COBUS fleet including all models are equipped with engines powered by clean diesel fuel as standard. Bio-diesel may also be used without major modification. Fuel economy is, in a word, outstanding! Burning just one and a third U S gallons per hour including use of the separate air conditioning system – four and a quarter litres per hour – this modest consumption is less than a third of transit or school buses which have less than half of the passenger capacity of a COBUS! So fewer buses consuming much less fuel provide truly outstanding operating economics.